MM4M:Manifesting Millionaires

What does becoming a Millionaire have in common with
having coffee,Guest Posting toilet paper, paper clips and mayonnaise
show up in our lives?

Susan James, Author of “Manifesting 101 & Beyond” and
“17 Seconds to Weight Loss/The Guide”, writes in her latest
project, “Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires”,
the equation to Millionaire, which James says is backwards
from what are taught.

Most self-empowerment books for attaining success and
wealth usually have these keywords as the main themes of
achieving wealth [o millionaire draw] and or millionaire status: Focus, desire,
subconscious, goals, self-worth, making list of goals, positive
mental attitude, belief, faith, and passion for what you do.

Although, these are great well meaning words and guidelines,
there is a huge piece of the puzzle missing. James goes on to
formalize in the beginning of “Manifesting Methods For
Would Be Millionaires” exactly what this book is about:

A. The Application of The Mechanics of Energy & Spirit
towards Multimillionaire Status.

There is a Physics, a simple, easy, useable physics behind
every great concept and idea; This “user friendly physics”
is now being made available to the masses.

B. “Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires” takes
the plan that many writers have given us over many years,
and dissects the parts, so that we understand the
workings of the energy, like the ingredients of a recipe.

D. There is a Mechanics behind our ideas and inspirations,
that can be explained, understood, and implemented, just
like a car instruction manual provided with a car.

Following are excerpts from of “Manifesting Methods for
Would Be Millionaires”:

You can not be a millionaire, if you are worrying about getting
your bills paid, or putting gas in the car.

You can not be a millionaire if you are a person who is
purposely unkind to others.

You can not be a millionaire if you are constantly concerned
about your health or a bad back.

Summary: You can not be a millionaire, if you are thinking,
and talking about not having enough money to take care of
your life, and if you are in an unpleasant state of mind with
other people, and or you are constantly talking about how bad
you feel or how sick you are.