The Best Songs From Musicals to Use at Karaoke

Karaoke is a fun way to entertain guests at parties. Karaoke machines can be easily hooked up to your television or DVD player. While it easy great to have a good singing voice remember to have fun! Every song on the list is not meant to be sung by each individual.

Don’t beat yourself up if you hit the wrong notes. Karaoke should be fun not competitive. Try singing songs you are familiar with and choose a song that’s close to your vocal range. Try not to make a sour face when another performer sings off key. Encourage your friends to join the stage; this will make you feel more comfortable. To achieve a great karaoke night, it’s best to have a wide 셔츠룸 selection of music. Karaoke music is typically pop music from different eras. To liven up the party, why not use songs from musicals for karaoke? Music from musicals is normally easy to sing along. It can be interesting for the audience to listen to songs that they are familiar with.

Here are the best songs from musicals to use at karaoke.

Consider Yourself- Oliver: This song can be an introduction to a great karaoke night. The host can bring all the performers on stage to sing this song in this first number. With lyrics such as “consider yourself at home, consider yourself part of the family” the crowd will stick around for more.

You’re the one that I want – Grease: This duet will take the audience down memory lane with its up tempo sound.

Tomorrow – Annie: This classic show tune is repetitive and easy to sing. Male or female vocals can be used singing this song.

Seasons of Love – Rent: This popular Broadway tune will catch attention from the audience and have them singing along instantly.

All That Jazz – Chicago: Make the crowd go wild with this sultry tune.

You Can’t Stop the Beat – Hairspray: This bubbly up tempo song will have the crowd cheering along as you sing.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Wizard of Oz: This ballad is easy to sing and can draw emotion to the audience. The audience will remember Dorothy, the cowardly lion, tin man and scarecrow wishing for their dreams to come true.

Part of Your World- The Little Mermaid: Bring Ariel to life with this beautiful ballad. Little girls would enjoy singing to this classic Disney song.

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